Best Reseller Hosting Providers in India

Looking for Best Reseller Hosting Providers in India? Are you planning to start a hosting provider company without any capital, expertise and experience? Are you looking for an option giving you an opportunity to become a hosting company without dealing with the nitty-gritty of server maintenance?

If ‘Yes’ is the answer for both the above questions, then Reseller Hosting in India is the best choice for you as you can buy hosting or server space in bulk and sell it to your own clients.

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As reseller hosting is a little bit different from other sort of hosting services, there exists few hosting service providers offering Best Reseller Hosting service at an affordable price.

To make it easy for you to choose best reseller hosting provider, our team of experts analyzed features, services and pricing of the various reseller hosting service providers and came up with list of Best Reseller Hosting Providers in India.

But it is necessary for you to first understand what it means by reseller hosting so that you can safeguard your investment.

 Top 5 Best Reseller Hosting in India For 2021

According to our extensive research, these are the Five best reseller hosts:

  1. – best value for money
  2. – best for features
  3.– best for green hosting
  4. – best for support
  5. – best for reseller beginners
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 What is Reseller Hosting India?

• Many people are looking for businesses with good ROI and web hosting is one of the best money making business with lot of scope for modification and creation.

• Reseller Hosting in simple words is a type of web hosting in which you buy a server space, advertise it on the web and resell it to your customers. Thus reseller hosting is same as like you buy home and rent it to someone else.

• This type of hosting is an ideal choice for web developer, website designer or businesses that are planning to serve their own customers buy investing money to own a web space.

• Reseller hosting allows you to manage more than one hosting account without worrying about maintenance and management of server as it will be taken care by parent reseller hosting provider.

• Some of the notable benefits of Reseller Hosting are as follows:

 With your own server space you can set-up your own web-hosting company
 You can offer your clients various features like control panel, email accounts, website monitoring tools and additional scripts as offered to you by your parent company.
 You can design your own domain hosting packages as you have huge amount of disc space and bandwidth.

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 Features of Reseller Hosting India:

Reseller web hosting offers many features that allow you to serve your potential customers as a full service brand.

• Best Economical Option:
You save huge money when you buy reseller server from any highly reputed website and thus you can easily offer more than 50% discount for your own clients making it best economical option for them.

• More Flexibility than Shared Hosting:
You can enjoy lot more options, flexibility, and control rather than just having a one account as in case of shared hosting where you are using the server space and not the owner of that space.

• No Maintenance Cost:
In reseller hosting, you need to think about offering your server space and focus on increasing your clients as your hosting service provider will take care of maintenance cost or damage cost in case of any technical difficulty.

• Everything under Your Brand Name:
You can offer all your hosting services under your own brand name and logo without worrying about the use of your parent hosting providers name and logo.

• Low Investment – High Profit:
You just need to invest little amount and get much more income if you able sell your server space effectively.

So, basically you can make money easily from hosting industry just by purchasing a large portion of web server, split into as many slices as you wish and then resell those slices to your customers. Based on our comprehensive analysis and real user/hosting user’s feedback, our experts bring the following list of best reseller hosting service providers in India.

 Top 10 Best Reseller Hosting Providers in India:

#1. India.resellerclub.comRs.160/mo30 days99.99%★★★★★10+/10Visit Site
#2.$3.95/mo30 days99.99%★★★★★10+/10Visit Site
#3.$2.59/mo97 days99.4%★★★★★10/10Visit Site
#4.$3.92/mo30 days99.1%★★★★10/10Visit Site
#5.$3.92/mo30 days99.1%★★★★10/10Visit Site
#6. Rs.99/mo30 days99.1%★★★★10/10Visit Site
#7.$3.99/mo45 days★★★★09/10Visit Site
#8.$35/mo60 days★★★07/10Visit Site
#9.$7.99/mo30 days★★★07/10Visit Site
#10.$2.95/mo60 days★★06/10Visit Site
So from the above list, we can observe, there are few web hosting providers offering affordable reseller hosting plans perfectly suitable to company, small/mid-sized businesses, entrepreneur and start-ups.

 When Should I go for Best Reseller Hosting India?

You must go for reseller hosting in case of following scenarios:

• You are operating your business of web designing / web development with limited resources and planning to grow as a full service brand

• You want to start your own web hosting service business with low investment

• Your business or you operate more than one website and wish to offer own server space to your own clients thereby generating more revenue

Though reseller hosting offers many advantages, there also exists some risks which you might consider before investing over it. Check those risks below.

• Risks associated with Reseller Hosting:

 Your clients are dependent on you, so you need to be available 24*7 to support if any issue or query arises
 Your success is directly proportional to the success of your hosting provider so if your hosting provider fails unfortunately you also fail
 You cannot directly control your hosting service provider
 Your customers expect you to fix their problems as they are not aware about your hosting service provider
 You need to manage your own administration, account and backups as your hosting service provider is not going to manage this for you
 Your hosting service quality, stability and speed are totally dependent on your hosting service provider and you may risk of losing clients if server of your host is frequently down.

 Reseller Hosting India FAQs:

• How Reseller Hosting and Shared Hosting are different from each other?

In shared hosting, there exists only one user, one control panel and a username whereas in reseller hosting there may be more additional accounts and username. In simple manner, reseller hosting allows the holder to divide server space and then sell it to their own customers while in case of shared hosting you are just using the shared resources allotted to you.

• How reseller hosting is beneficial to web designers / web developers?

Reseller hosting is a best choice to take away the hassle of buying or leasing server. A web designer / web developer or any company can create their own virtual hosting company and sale the server space to their clients as a part of their product or service.

• Why Reseller Hosting is considered to be more responsible as compare to other hosting service types?

Reseller hosts are not main owners of the server space as they are acting as middle-men to allocate their own server space. Thus if your customer use your server space in a way which not permitted by your parent host, you may be held responsible for any issue arising from its use. Also you are acting as a face to your clients as a hosting service provider, so clients held you responsible for any kind of service they are seeking for. Thus to be a reseller host you need to be more responsible in a way to serve your customers until their satisfaction.

• What are the other duties of Reseller Host apart from hosting service provider?

Your parent host will take care of providing and managing the hosting services to your clients but apart from that you need to take care of billing, administration and support tasks on your own.

• What qualities are required to become a Reseller Host?

Simply, there are no special set of qualities required to become a reseller host. Anyone can be a reseller host but to serve your customers with a best service it is good if you have good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, email, domain and DNS records as most of the client queries revolve around these terminologies.

• In case of any technical issue, who is responsible to offer support – Reseller Host or Parent Host?

Most of the time, reseller host is first point of contact for customers and thus reseller host need to answer all technical questions from clients. Setting up accounts, email addresses and database connectivity are the main tasks to be done by reseller.

Final Word About Best Reseller Hosting India

So at the end, reseller hosting comes with more responsibility as many businesses are running because of you. We are truly concerned about your investment as you will be responsible for your client’s website performance and growth.

Thus our main motto is to provide to-the-point information to clear all your doubts and help you to choose the best. We suggest you to go with one offering Best Reseller Hosting India satisfying all your objectives.

All our analysis, reviews and posts are researched and prepared by our expert team having 10+ years of experience in the web hosting domain. Let us also know how this article helped you to take your moves. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below.