Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in India? Do you feel that your site has growing with full potential and now you need more heavy resources, more disk space, more bandwidth or RAM to control your huge website traffic?

If yes, then Dedicated Server Hosting is a best option for your needs.

There exist few hosting service providers that offer reliable Dedicated Server Hosting in India at an affordable price. Our team of experts analyzed features, services and pricing of the various hosts and came up with a list of Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in India so that it becomes easier for you to choose the best hosting service provider satisfying your objectives.

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But before moving to the list, let’s first understand dedicated server hosting in short and simple manner.

 What is Dedicated Server Hosting India?

• Dedicated server hosting is same like Shared or VPS hosting but the only difference is that it has more additional necessary features apart from the other common features that helps businesses to fulfill their goals.

• As the name indicates, this type of hosting is fully dedicated for you website only in terms of performance, flexibility, security, data protection and control. In dedicated server hosting, you rent a server space which is fully used only for your website and any of its resources are not shared with any other website.

• As a result of this you are benefitted with excellent flexibility, better accessibility and server uptime. You can rent dedicated server on a monthly or yearly basis as per your needs.

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 Parameters to Select Best Dedicated Server Hosting India

Dedicated server hosting may seem to be expensive if you don’t select your parent host with a proper analysis and research. So before choosing any hosting service provider, check whether they fulfill following parameters or not…

• Real-time Monitoring and Security:

Your service provider must offer your real time monitoring and security backups to keep your website running with highest speed so that you can rest assured that your data is not vulnerable.

• Customization and Simplicity of Use:

Companies with high traffic and resource requirements usually need dedicated server hosting. These businesses thus look for customization features offered to install software and applications to run their businesses smoothly.

• Prompt Customer Service:

In dedicated server hosting, you need to configure, manage and maintain your server space on your own and quality customer plays an important role to make all those things hassle free.

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 Types of Dedicated Server Hosting India:

Dedicated sever hosting is categorized based on use of operating system and are given as follows:

• Windows Dedicated Hosting:

Windows dedicated hosting rely on software and applications that are compatible with windows only and thus it is more expensive as it requires licenses to use it. One should use this type of hosting only when they suppose to use windows applications.

• Linux Dedicated Hosting:

Linux is one of the best open source and famous platform among developers across the globe. It is little bit expensive than windows server hosting as it offers plethora of free applications and more security options.

• Managed Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting plans comes with some type of managerial work like maintaining, monitoring and controlling of your server which you need to think of while purchasing the plan. Managed dedicated hosting includes the level of management as per your needs so that you can focus on other technical tasks instead of managing your server space.

Hope now you understood role of dedicated server hosting for bigger businesses and companies. But who offers the best Dedicated Server Hosting Service in India. Curious to know??? Just check the following list by our experts…

 Top 10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in India:

 Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting India:

Dedicated Server Hosting comes with so many advantages as compared to Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting. Just check those pros and cons here:

• Pros of Dedicated Server Hosting:

 100% Uptime:

You have the control over the use of all your resources and thus with effective monitoring you could reach your uptime to 100%.

 Less Congestion:

Entire server space or full server and its respective resources are allotted dedicatedly for you and thus there are less chances of congestion as it arises in case of other types of server hosting options.

 Full Customization:

You are allowed to install software and applications as per your target marker and thus you can take benefit of full customization by using dedicated server hosting.

 More Security:

No other website is using your resources and server space so zero possibility of running fishy or buggy software scripts. Whatever the actions or tasks performed by you are only responsible to put your server at risk.

 Excellent Support:

For any kind of technical or managerial issue, a dedicated support team is assigned only for you to take of your business.

• Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting:

 Higher Cost:

Dedicated server hosting costs you more as hosting provider is not sharing their full server with any other customers as it happens in case of Shred or VPS hosting, so it’s obvious to charge more to offer dedicated services for you. Apart from that you also need to pay licensing fees if any to use software.

 Maintenance Can Be a Hassle:

As we discussed above, all the maintenance part has to be taken care by you and not the parent host, it will be hassle for newbie’s to maintain all those things. Thus usually businesses use other hosting options at their initial stage and then upgrade to dedicated server hosting as needed.

 Dedicated Server Hosting India FAQs:

• Is it true that I own the server in dedicated server hosting?

No. It depends on the contract made between you and your host company about the ownership of the server as you are just leasing or renting the server and not owing it.

• Why dedicated server hosting is more popular among businesses?

Many times it happens that businesses need to configure the server as per their needs, they need to use the resources only for their single website and thus businesses choose dedicated server hosting option which satisfies above needs.

• Is it good to have data center at any location across the globe?

No. Technically your server’s data center should be in the same location or at least in the same continent from where people are visiting your site.

• Do I need to buy all the licenses to use respective software for my dedicated server?

May be or May not be. It depends on your parent host. Some service providers offer packages that include software with licenses whereas some service providers leave it to you to deal with purchasing and licensing.

• What if I am unable to manage the server administration?

It may cost you more as your parent host will take care of your server administration and thus they will bill for it. So if you don’t know how to manage or configure or control your dedicated server, check for fully manager dedicated server hosting packages.

• Can I use my dedicated server for anything I wish?

Yes of course, but only exception is use of illegal content. You must avoid using any illegal content as per the rules set by your country. If your site deals in social domain then you must take care of content uploaded by users to your site to avoid any legal actions against you.

Final Words – Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in India

So at the end, dedicated server hosting comes with more benefits, more control tools and more security measures best suit for websites with huge traffic. We are truly concerned about your investment as your website’s performance and growth is finally dependent on type of hosting you opt for. Thus our main motto is to provide to-the-point information to clear all your doubts and help you to choose the best.

We suggest you to go with one offering Best Dedicated Server Hosting India satisfying all your objectives. All our analysis, reviews and posts are researched and prepared by our expert team having 10+ years of experience in the web hosting domain. Let us also know how this article helped you to take your moves. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below.