Are you planning to boost your website speed up to 30 times compared to any other shared hosting plan? VPS hosting would be your perfect choice that gives much more than what you expected. When it comes to VPS hosting, none other than Hostinger VPS is the best option for every website.

Before you jump to a conclusion, just take 3-4 minutes to read this point-to-point ‘Hostinger VPS Hosting Review’ to make your final purchasing decision.

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General Overview of VPS Hosting:

VPS stands for ‘Virtual Private Server’. It will be your own server with a set of other useful resources that are exclusively allotted for you. It is your dedicated server or a private server available in a virtual mode.

A partition on a physical server represents your virtual server wherein you can install your favored OS. Your hosting service provider will be responsible for back-end management like speed, uptime, stability, and security.

Features of VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting is considered as one of the best hosting solutions as it empowers users to execute tasks in a faster, secure, and efficient way. The following are the main VPS hosting features:

• Dedicated Resources:
When you choose any VPS package, you are offered dedicated resources. With the help of these resources, you can customize disk space and storage, RAM, and data transfers as per your needs.

• Authority to Manage your Operations:
VPS has a dedicated-server like structure that gives you direct root access giving you the authority to manage various operations like installing applications, running various operating systems, and managing reselling services.

• Scale for Maximum Impact:
If you are running a business website, it is suggested to use scalable hosting services. VPS is the best solution that enables easy scaling of your website.

• Choice of Installing Multiple OS:
If you want to run multiple OS on your disk space like Windows or Linux, VPS would be the best fit for you. You can use Linux hosting (Hostinger Linux Hosting) if you run Python, PERL, or Ruby scripts else use Windows Hosting (Hostinger Windows Hosting) to run PHP or

• You are the Controller:
Many businesses prefer control and authority in their hands and it is possible only with VPS hosting. You can reset any settings according to your needs.

Hostinger VPS Plans and Price:

Hostinger offers one of the best VPS hosting plans with a solid set of features. Hostinger VPS hosting plans are designed keeping in mind simple, fast, and reliable performance. Hostinger VPS pricing is surprisingly low as compared to other hosting service providers. Hostinger mainly offers the following eight plans:

hostinger vps hosting plnas

hostinger vps hosting

Each plan mentioned above comes with the following set of features:

hostinger vps hosting Features

All Hostinger VPS plans are based on OVZ virtualization technology.
So in short, Hostinger’s basic VPS plan (VPS1) starts at Rs. 285 per month whereas the topmost VPS plan (VPS8) starts at Rs. 5999 per month. Choose the plan that best fits your needs.

Advantages of Hostinger VPS:

If you are looking for a top-class performance with the lowest price guarantee, then Hostinger’s VPS hosting plans have a lot to offer for you. Following are the main advantages of the Hostinger VPS:

• Cheap VPS Hosting:
As a leading hosting service provider in the world, Hostinger succeeded to offer cheap VPS hosting at the price of shared hosting. Using hostinger VPS setup, you never need to share your space with anyone else.

• Manageable VPS Control Panel (cPanel):
With Hostinger VPS hosting, it becomes very easy for you to manage and use the VPS control panel. Hostinger has designed a user-friendly cPanel so that users can seamlessly install the OS of their choice, power virtual server on or off, generate data backups, restore containers, and much more.

• Prompt Customer Support:
Hostinger’s customer support wing is always ready to assist you to prove their commitment – “our clients’ happiness is our number one priority and when in need – a helping hand is always given.” The professional and on-time customer support offered by Hostinger makes it the #1 choice for cloud VPS hosting.

• Incredibly High Speed and Top-Level Performance:
Hostinger offers ultimate hardware, top-notch Hostinger VPS server, Intel CPU, and SSD space to deliver incredible high speed and top-level performance. You are the only owner of your cloud server as Hostinger never oversells its cloud-based VPS.

• Supports the Most Popular Web Scripts & OS Templates:
All VPS hosting plans by Hostinger come with a developer-friendly auto-installer. Hostinger’s engineer-optimized VPS installation container allows installing any Linux operating system, start an ultra-fast WordPress VPS cloud server, build Minecraft or VPN servers, or simply integrate all-in-one LAMP with only one simple click.

• Dedicated IP Address:
Hostinger has proved that it is possible to provide the highest specs for the lowest price. Hostinger offers dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 protocols even for their cheapest hosting plan. Dedicated IP addresses are needed for custom port connection to run your scripts & extensions on the VPS server.

Support offered for Hostinger VPS Hosting:

• With a happy family of more than 29 million customers across 178 countries, hostinger is proudly serving with the same enthusiasm to maintain its brand value. Due to their quality service, best-in-class features, and timely support, more than 10,000 new customers avail the benefit of their various hosting services every day.

• For any kind of VPS hosting concerns and queries, hostinger’s customer support team is always ready to help you all day, every day. Their quick and knowledgeable support executives will fix any issues related to your new website in no time as they work hard 24 x 7 to let you experience constant peace of mind.

• Hostinger is one step ahead of others due to its state-of-the-art knowledge center that consists of user-friendly material, tutorials, videos, user guides, tips, and a lot more allowing users to manage issues on their own

Money-back Guarantee:

If you are not happy with the service or speed or performance offered by hostinger and wish to opt-out of your hosting service then hostinger provides standard 30-days money-back guarantee for all its hosting plans. Now no more need to worry about your refunds as Hostinger fulfills all its promises promptly.

So At The End:

There may exist many ‘Hostinger VPS Reviews’ on the internet but we tried our best to keep it to the point and easy to understand for everyone. We proudly use Hostinger for many years and frankly suggest you go with them without any doubt. All our reviews are researched and prepared by our expert team having 10+ years of experience in the web hosting domain.

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