Have you ever experienced any technical issues in your hosting-related services? Have you ever faced server errors due to which your site is not visible to your potential customers? Yes, many of us have encountered such kind of technical issues and in such times only hope is Customer Support. Thus customer support is the most crucial factor while choosing a web host. Hostinger is the leading hosting service provider in the world with best-in-class and on-time customer support.

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Let us explore the valuable information of customer support offered by Hostinger.

 General Overview of Hostinger Customer Care:

Hostinger has one of the best customer support teams for every hosting package. Hostinger Customer Care department is provided with top-quality training and advanced tools. This results in a prompt response, exact solutions, and the highest customer satisfaction ratio. There is no restriction on asking for help or queries, be it very basic or very complicated, their support executives know how to handle it or escalate the same to qualified engineers.

With a mission to assist every customer with their needs to help them succeed online, their customer success agents are available 24/7/365. Such a quick and result-oriented response has earned them many positive reviews by satisfied customers on the top hosting review sites

Customer Success Department:

Hostinger’s business model is based on customer obsession. They listen to what customer wants and work for the same in the backyard. This department is more than just chatting with customers, it’s about enabling people with technical help to grow their business. Hostinger believes in quick responses, efficient assistance, and genuine communication and that’s why they are the symbol of quality service.

 Languages Supported by Hostinger Customer Care:

Hostinger’s vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of the Internet and give them the empowerment to learn, create and grow. They have made their presence across 178 countries with more than 30 million happy customers. Their customer success team has over 100 agents spread internationally. For all locations, they offer support in English, but they also offer support in the following languages.

• Lithuanian
• Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese
• Indonesian and Malaysian
• Spanish
• Russian
• Ukrainian
• French
• Arabic
• Thai
• Vietnamese
• Chinese
• Hindi

Even if the customer service agent is not able to speak your language, you can ask questions using your language, their team will use a translator and revert in English for your queries.

 Hostinger Support:

Now, if you are wondering, how to contact Hostinger support? Here is the simplified step-by-step procedure:

• Make sure you have logged in to your account.
• Look for the purple icon at the bottom right corner of the page.
• If you didn’t find the purple icon, click help.
• Now, you will be redirected to Help Center where you can find answers to the most popular questions. If your problem is not the same you see from the list, click Contact Us button to get in touch with the customer success team.

The above steps are for customers having an account with Hostinger. What if you don’t have an account? Here is a solution:

• Select the general inquiry option, input your query details and click on send.
• If you wish not to follow the above steps but still contact the customer success team, drop your queries to support@hostinger.com.

Whenever you submit a request, it is suggested to describe it in detail so that their specialists would understand your doubts and try to resolve them at the earliest.

 Hostinger Live Chat:

Hostinger is disciplined when it comes to valuing customers’ time. ‘Hostinger Live Chat’ facility is available 24×7 so that their customers never feel helpless when in need. The introduction of the live chat feature at Hostinger accelerated the response time and solved the problem of delayed resolution. Hostinger uses Intercom as its base for the live chat feature. This made it possible for their customers to jump back to the conversation at any time without losing the chat history.

Intercom removed the other technical barriers, decreased the waiting time, and delivers customers queries directly to the customer success agent. This helped Hostinger to solve the issues on spot and satisfy their customers with such a quick response.

The live chat feature allowed the customer success team to pay individual attention to customers, respond within seconds, and deliver quality solutions for the respective queries.

 Hostinger Helpline:

There is no such helpline number provided by the Hostinger but in case you are unable to get in touch with a live chat agent, the following are the various mail id’s to report your issues:

Sales Inquiry – sales@hostinger.com
Account Recovery – account-recovery@hostinger.com
General Inquiry – support@hostinger.com
Report Online Abuse – abuse@hostinger.com

In addition to the above mail id’s, here is the official address of Hostinger:

Hostinger, UAB
Jonavos g. 60C, 44192
Kaunas, Lithuania

Hostinger International Ltd.
61 Lordou Vironos Street
6023 Larnaca, Cyprus

 Hostinger Support Number:

If you are searching for Hostinger Toll-Free Number or Hostinger India Customer Care, you will find the internet is flooded with many sites and with fake data. The real news is that Hostinger only has ticketing or email or live chat support. Never get fooled by any number mentioned as Hostinger support number. To make sure, check their official website and you will find no such number exists.

So, we hope, above information would be helpful for you if in case of technical or server issues. But let’s have a brief overlook of why customer support is important.

 Why Customer Support Is Important?

Today hundreds of companies offer web hosting services worldwide. Many of them offer lure features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, advanced security, etc. But very few of them fulfill the promise of genuine customer support. Check the following statistics highlighting this statement:

• Due to bad customer service, more than 52% of people moved to another web hosting service provider within the first three months.
• Due to unprofessional customer support, more than 75% of businesses stopped utilizing web hosting services offered by their web host within a year.
• More than 40% of customers are ready to pay more if reliable customer support is offered.
• 96% of customers say, their decision of purchasing a product or service depends on the before and after customer service is offered.
Hostinger knows the importance of all the above statistics hence they keep investing in the customer success department to open new revenue streams.

So At The End:

Hostinger from its beginning has given the topmost priority to customer satisfaction. This made it possible for them to get a privilege from more than 30 million people around the globe. They understand how important their services are for someone’s online success. They always make sure to hire the best talents that can raise the quality of their customer support wing.

We have proudly used Hostinger for many years and frankly suggest you go with them without any doubt. All our reviews are researched and prepared by our expert team has 10+ years of experience in the web hosting domain.

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